A Titanium Dental Implant Over Other Materials? Why?

Whether you are undergoing a knee replacement or getting a dental implant, titanium is one of the leading components used for medical implants today. Why is that?

The simple fact is – titanium is one of the strongest, most durable, and longest lasting metals used in the medical industry today, including in modern dentistry.

But not always has titanium been used so often in dental implants. In recent years, titanium has grown in use and popularity due its inherent characteristics. Over time, dental implants have evolved in their composition.

In earlier days, dental implants may have been crafted from a number of metals other than titanium: aluminum, silver, gold, palladium, or a composite material made from a combination of metals. The selection of the dental implant material was always to ensure a strong, long-lasting solution for the wearer – but the exact metals used have varied over time.

With each successive implant procedure completed, and with the passage of time, the dental profession has found that many of these metals were found to be inferior, cost prohibitive, or just plain problematic for the wearer.

Many times, the issues related to dental implants were not found until long after they were placed. By this time, they may have created other issues – and extraction and replacement may have been required. As unfortunate as this was, it did expose flaws in the implants and the materials used to manufacture them – and helped the dental profession to identify better up-front screening for potential implant recipients.

With some metals, an allergic reaction was often times the unfortunate result. Either the metal alone caused the reaction, or the combination of metals nearby in the mouth caused issues (i.e., nearby crowns, fillings, etc.). Titanium, however, is typically less prone to such reactions. With better testing up front, thorough medical history background research, and prescreening, today’s dental implants offer a better, long-term solution than their predecessors.

If you are suffering with a loss of teeth, you don’t have to. Today’s dental implants are safe, and an excellent long-term solution for those looking for a quality, durable, virtually transparent tooth replacement solution. Dr. Joseph Majka is a family dentist and dental implant dentist in Valparaiso, Indiana and can provide the gentle dental care you are seeking. For an appointment, call Dr. Majka at (219) 464-7191.


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